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Are you tired of the same dining option? Why not trying something new? We are brand new bistro bakery in Myrtle Beach. We offer homemade crepes, salad, soups, rustic exclusive breads and sweets, cakes, pastries, any occasion birthday cake, anniversary cake, wedding cake and others. We making signature breakfast near you, conveniently located @42 Ave N and Kings Hwy. Our savory crepes and chef dishes are good for any lunch or dinner. Our authentic Georgian Khachapury is the tasty dish that you have to try.  We use freshest, top quality natural ingredients and we making all dishes from scratch comfort food. Whatever you see in our bakery is made here. Just one visit and you will be delighted. The delicious food, cozy quaint ambiance, outstanding hospitality will cheer your day or comfort your evening. Stop by 4205 North Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach. See you soon!!!

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Best seller

Shrimps wrapped in bacon with garlic sauce

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New from Chef

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Signature Breakfast

Farmer Breakfast: 2 eggs* cooked of your taste; 2 bacon (all bacon +$0.75) 2 breakfast sausages; cheesy hash brown, white toast. $15.44.

Avocado Prosciutto Toast sliced avocado prosciutto and feta on top of white toast with house made pesto and with 2 poached eggs*. $15.85

Hunter’s Breakfast 2 eggs* of your choice, German beef sausage, hash brown, white toast. $16.53

Fisherman – one big potatoes’ pancake with 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, with sour cream. $18.4

Salmon Benedict rustic rye bread toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon, 2 eggs* Benedict, hollandaise sauce $18.4

Naples’ Breakfast spring mix salad with cherry tomatoes and Burrata drizzled with glazed; cheese hash brown topped with bacon crumbs or prosciutto crumbs two poached eggs* topped with Hollandaise sauce. $18.4

Golfer’s breakfast cheesy hash brown, topped with langoustine lobster tail meat and 2 eggs* Benedict and Hollandaise sauce. $18.4


Belgian Mini Waffle with Strawberry – Belgian mini waffle with house cream Diplomat, fresh strawberry, whipped cream $6.95

Red Velvet Waffle –red velvet waffle with house cream Diplomat, topped with whipped cream, caramel souse, powder sugar $9

Berries Waffle – waffle with house cream Diplomat, all berries topped with whipped cream, caramel syrup, powder sugar $15

Our Savory Crepes 16”

Mushroom Crepe – mix cheese with mushroom sauce $13.25

Ham and Cheese low sodium organic sliced ham and Mexican Blend Cheese $14.5

Pork Loin roasted pork loin with the house mushroom sauce $14

German Sausage CrepeCrispy cheese crepe with beef sticks German sausage. $15

Chicken Breast chicken breast roasted in white sauce, topped with mushroom sauté. $15

Brie Gorgonzola Pear Crepe spring mix salad with brie and gorgonzola cheese and roasted in passion fruit vinegar pear $16

Smoked Salmon Roll smoked salmon, with cream cheese rolled into crepes, herbed. $18.9

Crepe with Red Caviar – crepe spread with cream cheese and 1 oz of red caviar $19.95

Shrimp Avocado CrepeCrispy cheese crepe topped with avocado cherry tomatoes dressed in avocado dressing and shrimps roasted in original house sauce $19.95

Grill Salmon wild caught salmon fried, with mushroom sauce. $21

Chilean Sea Bass , grilled wild caught Chilean sea bass on crispy cheese crepe, with sundry tomatoes and sesame sauce. $23.1

Black Caviar Treat Two crepes with butter, lemon and 1 OZ of pure sturgeon black caviar served in individual branded box. Served with cold glass of champagne. $95


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