Evening Dinner Menu


Smoked Salmon Baked Avocado – served with house fish sauce. $9

Prosciutto Crostini – pear, goat cheese, prosciutto with house berry sauce $9

Shrimps Rye Crostini – old fashion rye crostini with avocado cherry tomatoes stuffing and shrimps served with house bourbon sauce $12


Roasted Beet Walnuts – served with goat cheese and raspberry vinegar $9

French Tabbouleh – traditional tabbouleh with french sauce $9


Mushroom Ravioli in Bouillon – ravioli stuffed with porchinni and wild mushrooms, cheese, served in the butter bouillon. $16

Sea Food Creamy Soup – seafood mix, wild caught salmon, flounder, scallops, langostinos lobster tails, shrimps, potatoes. (slightly hot) $16

Goulash – traditional Hungarian goulash served with toast. $16


Quinoa Gratin GF – tomatoes, eggplants, Gruyere and Munster cheese served with house made berry sauce $19

Cornish Game Hen GF– Cornish hen sired under press to the perfection, served with baby potatoes (can substitute for mash potatoes), topped with mushroom sauce. $20

Vienna Pork Schnitzel – traditional pork schnitzel served with mash potatoes, mushroom sauce and cherry tomatoes. $20

Patagonia Lamb Shoulder GF– sired in house sauce lamb with roasted in pork-belly buckwheat porridge (can substitute with mash potatoes), served with black sesame seeds and house berry sauce. $22

Buglama GF – slow roasted leg of lamb and veggies $22

Beef Burginion GF – traditional beef burginion with baby portabella, pearl onion, porchini, and boiled potatoes. $22

Beefstroganoff GF – traditional beef stroganoff from rib eye stake served with mash potatoes and mushroom

sauce $25

Chilean Sea Bass GF (market availability) – with baked potatoes and asparagus tips in butter $30


Honey Cake – with house red and black currant sauce. $9

Pavlova Roll – (with all berries; raspberry pistachio; or sour cherry) GF $8