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Our Sweet Crepes

Banana Nutella and banana, powder sugar $10

Strawberry Nuttela Nutella strawberry crepe with powder sugar $12

Strawberry Banana Nutella strawberry banana Nutella crepe drizzle with Nutella and powder sugar $13

Berries Lover raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, house cream Diplomat, topped with whip cream $14

Strawberry Crepe strawberry, house cream Diplomat, topped with whip cream and granola $13

Apple strudel caramelized apple with crepe, topped with lingonberries and scoop of ice cream. $14

Kiwi in white chocolate kiwi, white chocolate ganache, topped with whip cream and glazed pecan $14

Chocolate Delight  dark chocolate ganache, chocolate chips, topped with whip cream, granola, scoop of vanilla ice cream $14

Crepe with Jam your choice of jam (strawberry, blackberry, peach, orange marmalade) topped powder sugar $8.75

Peanut Butter Crepe the crepe roll with peanut butter $8.75

Dulche De Leche Walnuts Crepe roll with Dolce De Leachy walnuts $9

Lemon Crepe Crepe with house made lemon syrup powder sugar $6.5

Butter Crepe – crepe, topped with extra butter and powder sugar. $6.5

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Signature Breakfast

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Belgian Mini Waffle with Strawberry – Belgian mini waffle with house cream Diplomat, fresh strawberry, whipped cream $5.75

Red Velvet Waffle –red velvet waffle with house cream Diplomat, topped with whipped cream, powder sugar $7.75

Peasant Breakfast: French fry cut fried potatoes, 2 sausages; 2 eggs*. $11

Tourist BreakfastCrepe with mix cheese, bacon crumbs and topped two eggs* of your choice $12.75

Crepe roll: rolled into crepe mushroom sauté, with 2 scramble eggs*and mozzarella cheese. $12.75

Avocado Rustic Rye Toast – Two slices of rustic French rye bread toasted with house made pesto, topped with sliced avocado and  2 poached eggs*.  $12

Farmer Breakfast: 2 eggs* cooked of your taste; 2 bacon 2 breakfast sausages; cheesy hash brown.  $14

Avocado Prosciutto Toast sliced avocado prosciutto and feta on top of white toast with house made pesto and with 2 poached eggs*. $14.5

Avocado Shrimp Toast two toasts of your choice (white or rye) topped with avocado and cherry tomatoes with avocado dressing, fry shrimps and two poached eggs*. $15

Red Velvet Combo Special  – red velvet waffle drizzled with house cream Diplomat, caramel syrup, powder sugar and whipped cream; two sunny side eggs* with cheese and two crispy bacons  $15.75

Hunter’s Breakfast 2 eggs* of your choice, German beef sausage, hash brown, sliced cherry tomatoes. $15

Fisherman – one big potatoes’ pancake with 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, with sour cream. $16.5

Salmon Benedict rustic rye  bread toast with cream cheese, two slices of smoked salmon, 2 eggs* Benedict, hollandaise sauce $16.5 

Golfer’s breakfast cheesy hash brown, topped with langoustine lobster tail meat and 2 eggs* Benedict and Hollandaise sauce. $17

Khachapury special authentic dish of bread with cheese and 2 egg*, big portion might be good for two $19

Royal Breakfast Crepe roll with smoked salmon house cream cheese spread, fresh mozzarella, topped with two eggs Benedict and Hollandaise sauce $17.85

Salmon absolute Delight 4 small smoked salmon and cream cheese crepe rolls topped with Russian salmon caviar,  crepe with two eggs* Benedict topped with Hollandaise sauce, $19

Our Savory Crepes

Mushroom Crepe – mozzarella cheese with mushroom sauce $12.5

Cheese Delight feta cheese, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, and Mexican bland cheese, topped with extra parmesan $12.5

Ham and Cheese low sodium organic sliced ham and Mexican Blend Cheese  $12.75

Pork Loin roasted pork loin with the house mushroom sauce  $12.75

Brie Gorgonzola Pear Crepe spring mix salad with brie and gorgonzola cheese and roasted in passion fruit vinegar pear $14.2

Chicken Breast chicken breast roasted in white sauce, topped with mushroom sauté.  $14.2

Chicken Breast crepe roll – spring mix, cherry tomatoes, skewed chicken breast, mix cheese  $14.2

Turkey Breast Crepe Roll Rolled into crepe spring mix, tomatoes, 1000 island sauce, turkey breast, cheese mix  $14.5

Crepe roll with roasted ground beefcrepe with mozzarella cheese, ground beef, mushroom sauté. $14.5

Veggie Crepe  grilled eggplant; red onion roasted in balsamic vinegar; pear roasted in passion fruit vinegar  $16

Shrimp Avocado Crepe – Crispy cheese crepe topped with avocado cherry tomatoes dressed in avocado dressing and shrimps roasted in original house sauce $17

Beef stroganoff from rib eye stake traditional beef stroganoff wrapped into crepe and topped with mushroom sauce.  $17.6

Shrimps with bacon Crepe with shrimps wrapped in bacon and fried, with butter garlic sauce. $17

Smoked Salmon Crepe – Crepe with smoked salmon and house cream cheese spread $17

Smoked Salmon Roll smoked salmon, with cream cheese rolled into crepes, herbed.  $18

Duck Breast , roasted duck breast with roasted pear in passion fruit balsamic vinegar and sour cherry sauce.  $19

Chilean Sea Bass , grilled wild caught Chilean sea bass on crispy cheese crepe, with sundry tomatoes and sesame sauce.  $22

Crepe with Red Russian Caviar – crepe spread with cream cheese and 1 oz of red Russian caviar $18

Grill Salmon wild caught salmon grilled, topped with mushroom sauce. $19                                          

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Served in Cup 6 oz S or Bowl 12 oz L

Borsch L $9  S $7                           

Goulash L $10 S $8.5

Tomato Bisque L $7.5 S $5.5           


Pickle Cabbage Salad house pickled/salted cabbage dressed with cold press sunflower oil and red onion 6oz. $4

Green Salad 1/2 avocado, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and raspberry vinegar $5

Russian Salad famous Russian salad with potatoes, green peas, pickled cucumber, eggs, chicken breast, carrot, with mayo sauce 6oz  $5

Caprese Salad – two slices of wine tomato, topped with fresh mozzarella and garnished with extra virgin olive oil, seasoning and balsamic glaze $6 

Spring Avocado Salad spring mix, avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, raspberry balsamic vinegar topped with olive oil. $9.95

Avocado Beet Salad raw beet root with avocado, passion fruit vinegar and topped organic salad seeds $11

Roasted Beet Walnuts Salad – spring mix with roasted beet, walnuts and goat cheese, dressed with olive oil and drizzled with raspberry vinegar $11

Shrimps Avocado Salad shrimps, avocado, spring mix, topped with citrus zest dressing. $13

Chef Dishes

Khachcapury with mushrooms traditional cheese khachapury topped with mushrooms and  two eggs*. $20

Khachcapury with eggplant traditional cheese khachapury topped with roasted eggplant sundry tomatoes and  two eggs*. $20

Khachapury with red onion and kalamata olives traditional cheesy khachapury with red onion and kalamata olives and feta crumbles two eggs*$21

Khachapury with beef only traditional Georgian style dish with roasted ground beef and onion no eggs* $22

Khachcapury with Shrimps traditional khachapury with cheese, added shrimps topped with eggs* $22

Khachcapury with Wild Caught Salmon traditional khachapury with wild caught Salmon no eggs*  $25

Khachcapury with Chilean Sea Bass traditional khachapury with Chilean sea bass no eggs*  $30

Potato Pancakes – traditional potatoes pancakes served with sour cream $11,75

Potato Pancakes with Beef Ground – traditional potato pancakes and roasted beef ground  $16

Potato Pancakes with Grill Salmon Ground – traditional potato pancakes with wild caught salmon $19

Pirogy (with potatoes) – dumplings stuffed with potatoes roasted onion with bacon crumbs and mushroom sauté. $11.75

Pelmeni – traditional Russian ravioli with ground meat, served with sour cream or vinegar. $13

Pirogi with meat roasted beef ground with onion $14.75

Bruschetta Set of 4 – Set of 4 bruschetta: two white toasts two rye toasts; avocado with feta and house cream cheese spread –white toast; turkey breast with house pesto spread, cucumber in brine and red onion –rye toast; smoked salmon with cream cheese spread garnished with kalamata olives – rye toast; Proscuitto with pesto spread and goat cheese –white toast. $18                  


Americano $3 (no refill)

Espresso $3

Late or Cappuccino (no flavor) $4.95

Berry Dream (house drink from fresh berries) Campot $3

Soft Drinks $3  (Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke, Pepsi, Ginger ale,  MtDew diet MtDew)

Tea Pot of loose special tea $8

Tea Pot with Sea Buckhorn $12

Tea Pot with Berries $12

Tea Cup $3

Iced or hot tea with honey citron ginger $3.5

Iced Tea Sweetened/Unsweetened, Lemonade $2.95

Orange Juice/Cranberry Juice/Apple Juice $3

Perrier/St. Pellegrino $3

Chocolate Milk/Milk $2.95

Orange Fresh $6

V8 Juice $2.95


Strawberry – strawberry, banana, vanilla ice cream, milk, honey $8

Mango – mango, scoop of vanilla ice cream, banana, milk, honey $8

Mix berries – strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, banana,  scoop of vanilla ice cream,  milk, honey $9

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Bruschetta Set of Four