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Our Sweet Crepes

Banana Nutella and banana powder sugar  

Strawberry Banana strawberry, banana, granola, topped whip cream 

Berries Lover raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry topped with whip cream 

Kiwi in white chocolate kiwi, white chocolate ganache, topped with whip cream and glazed pecan 

Chocolate Delight  dark chocolate ganache, chocolate chips, topped with whip cream, granola, scoop of vanilla ice cream 

Ice Cream Lover crepe with scoops of (vanilla, chocolate) ice cream of your choice, chocolate syrup 

Apple strudel caramelized apple, topped with lingonberries and scoop of ice cream. 

Lemon  Crepe with house made lemon Syrup powdered 

Crepe with Jam your choice of jam (strawberry, blackberry, apricot, orange marmalade) with butter, topped powder sugar

 Peanut Butter Crepe the crepe spread with peanut butter 

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Signature Breakfast

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Peasant Breakfast: wedges potatoes, 2 eggs* sunny side or scramble. 

Hunter’s Breakfast 2 eggs* of your choice, beef stick sausage, home style baby potatoes fried, sliced plum tomatoes. 

Farmer Breakfast: 2 eggs* cooked of your taste; 2 bacon 2 sausages; signature cheesy hash brown.  

Crepe roll: rolled into crepe mushroom sauté, with 2 eggs of your choice.

Avocado Rustic Rye Toast – Two slices of rustic French rye bread toasted, sliced avocado, 2 eggs Benedict with house made pesto sauce.  

Avocado Prosciutto Toast sliced avocado prosciutto and feta on top of baguette toast with 2 eggs Benedict and house made pesto sauce. 

Tourist breakfast Signature Cheesy hash brown, topped with eggs Benedict and Hollandaise sauce, and two turkey bacons 

Salmon Benedict rustic bread toast with cream cheese, salmon, 2 eggs* Benedict and hollandaise sauce 

Khachapury special authentic dish of bread with cheese 10 Oz and 2 egg*, big portion might be good for two 

Goes well with: Shrimps, turkey breast, chicken breast, bacon crumbs; mushrooms 

Our Savory Crepes


Quatro Formaggio cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and cheese blend, topped with extra parmesan 

Ham and Cheese low sodium organic sliced ham and Mexican mix cheese, mozzarella, topped with house white sauce 

Pork Loin roasted pork loin with the house mushroom sauce 

Smoked Salmon Rolls smoked salmon, with cream cheese rolled into crepes, herbed.  

Smoked Salmon Crepe smoked salmon, with cream cheese, and creamy white sauce on the side  

Grill Salmon wild caught salmon grilled, with mushroom sauce, topped creamy white house sauce. 

Chicken Breast grill juicy chicken breast, mushroom sauce. 

Baltimore Turkey Breast turkey breast, tomatoes, Mexicana mix cheese with 1000 Island Sauce. 

Beef stroganoff traditional beef stroganoff wrapped into crepe and mushroom sauce.  

Shrimps with bacon Crepe with wrapped in bacon fried shrimps, with garlic butter sauce. 

Shrimps shrimps with butter garlic sauce 

Veggie Crepe  grilled eggplant; red onion roasted in balsamic vinegar; pear roasted in passion fruit vinegar 

Turkey Breast Crepe Roll Rolled into crepe spring mix, tomatoes, 1000 island sauce, turkey breast, cheese mix, mayo

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Served in Cup 6 oz or Bowl 12 oz

Borsch (beets)

Italian Wedding 

Mushroom Cream 


Tomato Bisque 


Avocado Beet Salad raw beet root with avocado, balsamic vinegar and organic salad seeds 

Shrimps Avocado Salad shrimps, avocado, spring mix, topped with citrus zest dressing. 

Grill Salmon Avocado Salad spring mix, cherry tomatoes, avocado, topped with olive oil and passion fruit balsamic vinegar, sesame sticks 

Beet Prune Salad boiled beets shredded with dry prunes chopped, walnuts and mayo or olive oil by your choice 


Americano Coffee /Tea Cup 

Teas Pot



Diet Coke /Mountain Dew 


Cold House Drink/Iced Tea 

Orange Juice 

Orange Juice Fresh 

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