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Are you tired of the same dining option? Why not trying something new? We are crepe European Cuisine in Myrtle Beach. We offer homemade crepes, salad, soups, rustic exclusive breads and sweets, cakes, pastries, any occasion birthday cake, anniversary cake, wedding cake and others. We making signature breakfast near you, and we serves best brunch in town, we are conveniently located @42 Ave N and Kings Hwy. Our savory crepes and chef dishes are good for any lunch or dinner. Our authentic Georgian Khachapury is the tasty dish that you have to try.  We use freshest, top quality natural organic ingredients and we are making all dishes from scratch comfort food. Whatever you see in our bakery is made here. Just one visit and you will be delighted. The delicious food, cozy quaint ambiance, outstanding hospitality will cheer your day or comfort your evening. Stop by 4205 North Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach. See you soon!!!

Sweet Dumplings


Salmon roles

Best seller

Best seller

Shrimps wrapped in bacon with garlic sauce

New from Chef

New from Chef

Selected Menu


Signature Breakfast

Beach Breakfast 3 eggs*scramble, two toasts your choice, jam and butter; you can choose one: 2 bacon, or 2 sausages $14

Bavarian Breakfast 2 eggs* of your choice, German beef sausage, hash brown, roasted chili beans with onions and bacon crumbs. $18.5

Farmer Breakfast: 2 eggs* cooked to your taste; 2 bacon (all bacon +$1) 2 breakfast sausages; cheesy hash brown, $17.5

Mediterranean Breakfast rustic rye toasts with pesto, avocado, cherry tomatoes topped, goat cheese, and two scrambled eggs,* drizzled with balsamic glaze.(+$2 poach eggs) $16

Alpine Breakfast Crepe with cheese roll with scramble eggs and bacon crumbs sliced and seared to the crispiness, spring mix salad with cherry tomatoes, olive oil. $14 (no substitute)

Avocado Prosciutto Toast sliced avocado, prosciutto and fresh mozzarella on top of white toast with house made pesto and with 2 poached eggs*. $19

Avocado Rustic Rye Toast Three slices of rustic house rye bread toasted, pesto, topped with fresh avocado 2 poached eggs*. $17

Salmon Benedict two slices of rustic rye toasts (can be substitute for white toast) with house made cream cheese, smoked salmon, 2 eggs* poached, hollandaise sauce. $21

Tourist Breakfast Crepe with mixed cheese, bacon crumbs and 2 eggs* of your choice $18

Golfer’s breakfast cheesy hash brown, with langoustine lobster tail meat and 2 poached eggs* and Hollandaise sauce. $19.5

Sicilian Breakfast Crepe Cheesy Crepe, burrata, mix salad, tomatoes, balsamic glaze, prosciutto, two poached eggs* Hollandise sauce. $20.5

Royal Breakfast Crepe roll with smoked salmon house cream cheese spread, fresh mozzarella, topped with 2 poached eggs* and Hollandaise sauce $22.5

Salmon absolute Delight 4 smoked salmon and cream cheese crepe rolls topped with salmon caviar, and two poached eggs* topped with Hollandaise sauce, $27.5

Lunch Menu

from 12pm


Devils Eggs

Bacon crumbs, arugula 2 eggs $6; 5 eggs $12

Duck Breast GF

Smoked Duck served with spring mix and house sauce. $16


Beef Stroganoff GF

Traditional Russian Beef Stroganoff served with mashed potatoes and mushroom saute. $28

Adana Kebab GF 80% lean ground lamb, mash potatoes, small side of spring mix and cherry tomatoes drizzled extra virgin olive oil. $26

Patagonia Lamb Shoulder GF

Seared in house sauce. mashed potatoes, mushroom saute. $28

Roasted Leg of Lamb GF

Slow roasted leg of lamb with veggies, baked baby potatoes. $21

Chilian sea bass 6 oz GF

Steamed broccoli, rice. $45

White sturgeon GF

Best quality white sturgeon roasted, pea puree, steamed broccoli, berry sauce. $36

Quinoa Gratin GF

Tomatoes, eggplants, Gruyere and Manchester cheese served with house sauce. $19


Pea Puree, root beets, goat cheese, walnuts. $40

New Zeland Rack of Lamb rice, jalapeno red currant sauce, red onion jam. $38


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